Everywhere you look today, from standing in line at the coffee shop to around the office, walking down the street or relaxing at home, more than half of the people you see are using an electronic device. The average consumer uses a phone to pay a bill, send a message, or buy a coffee; a tablet to read a newspaper, watch a movie, or shop for a gift, and a Kobo to access the library. Our world can be accessed in seconds with only the touch of a finger.

Team Krishan is at the forefront of the “e”volution. With more than 313 million individuals using Twitter, 600 million on Instagram, 1.79 billion on Facebook, and other sites emerging daily, a single website or online ad can reach any potential buyer, anywhere in the world, within seconds. Our marketing takes advantage of this exposure with a virtual presence, which not only showcases each Team Krishan listing to its best advantage, but positions it within a community and a city so that potential buyers can visualize themselves living within that particular property in Kingston, enjoying everything it has to offer.

The Team Krishan website, with its virtual tours, HDR listing photographs, concierge service, continual updating and numerous other features, is designed to attract a wide and varied audience – military families, out-of-town investors, medical professionals, civil service employees, retirees, families looking for waterfront properties, or those wanting to be close to the renowned Thousand Islands area – the list is endless. In fact, 93% of all home searches begin on the internet and a substantial internet presence is key to yielding maximum results for our buyers and sellers.

But Team Krishan doesn’t stop there. We are continually measuring results to see what is working, what can be done better, and what should be changed in order to the best possible results for you. Nothing stays the same forever so we strive to keep ahead of the curve in order to find the most innovative and creative ways to market your home.

Whether you are buying or selling, we guarantee to offer you a state of the art real estate experience with a customized style.