Home Staging

Professional Home Staging has a singular focus — to sell your home faster by maximizing its potential. Staged and competitively priced properties consistently sell faster than other non-staged properties in the same neighbourhood.

The majority of purchases are based on emotion. Professional Home Staging fosters a “love at first sight” response for a majority of potential buyers. Having such an emotional reaction linger long after they’ve left the property is what can ultimately sway things in your direction.

Today, the interiors of most properties are first viewed online in photos and videos. As with everything else in life, you only have one chance to make a positive first impression. The best way to capitalize on this opportunity is through a professionally staged home.

Professional Home Staging is an investment that truly pays for itself. It not only increases perceived value by conveying that the property has been well cared for but it maximizes both the appraisal figure and the resulting sale price.

Staging requires a professional, objective assessment of a property’s inherent strengths and challenges. Sellers are naturally biased towards the house they have owned and lived in for years. Our stager views the same residence with an unbiased eye and provides a candid written assessment with an action plan based on her observations and expertise. She knows what buyers are seeking in today’s market and what it will take to best present your home.

Staging starts with decluttering and finishing renovation projects. After that, our stager rearranges your existing furniture and décor for the best effect, augmenting with carefully selected rental props if required.