In February 2010, we decided to sell our home in Kingston and return to Nova Scotia to retire.

Having made the decision to sell our home, we were now faced with the prospect of finding a real estate agent to represent us. Past experience finding the right agent was not positive so this time, I was determined to find an agent that would represent us in a fair, professional and results-oriented fashion.

Rather than pick an agent as we had in the past based on recommendations from others or the number of sales, we decided to pick an agent after having an opportunity to observe this person first hand. We attended a number of open houses to observe how various agents represented their clients and presented their houses for sale. Initially, I was discouraged to find mediocre results from many of the agents we observed.

We then came across Krishan Nathan. Almost immediately I sensed a different approach. His manner was both professional and sincere. He was very well prepared to answer any questions we posed and pointed out positive features of the house he was showing and acknowledged some not so positive points as well.

Krishan had done his home work and had prepared financial models that would allow potential clients to understand what it would take to own this property.

Krishan became our agent within 5 days of our first meeting. Our home sold approximately one month later.

I would recommend Krishan Nathan as an above average realtor for the following reasons:

1.  His ability to listen to what his clients are actually saying.

2.  His ability to offer informed and objective feedback.

3.  His ability to talk about the difficult things in a respectful but realistic way.

4.  His ability to try different thingsā€¦things are not always what they seem so the need to be flexible and agile is key.

5.  Krishan made us feel like we were his very best customers. He had respect for our time and was never late for any appointment. He followed up with questions or issues that we raised and got back to us very quickly.

6.  High degree of trust. Krishan looked after our best interest whether that involved discussions about correct pricing, showing our home or hosting an open house. I do not give letters of reference for average work.

In this case, both Charlotte and I feel we were very fortunate to have Krishan represent us on this most important business.

Best of luck Krishan. I know you will do very well in the real estate business.
— Bud and Charlotte MacDonald

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